Friday, December 2, 2022

Zugerin loses her driver’s license after a bar drunk

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On an evening in February 2022, a woman went to a bar in Zug for a drink. (icon picture)

The driver’s license can be gone so quickly – without even having driven! That’s exactly what happened to a woman (43) who spent the evening in February 2022 in a bar in Zug. She drank alcohol and finally the situation escalated, as reported by “Zentralplus”. She freaked out, screamed and started rampaging.

The operators did not know what to do and called the police. However, emergency services were unable to calm the woman down. The officers later wrote in the police report that she behaved “refractory and hysterical”. In the course of the evening, the lady first came to the Zug Cantonal Hospital. There the alcohol value was determined. The test showed 1.57 per mille. Meanwhile, the woman is said to have made suggestions that she wanted to take her own life. So she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

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