Saturday, November 26, 2022

Zurich canton police asks climate sticker to checkout!

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Road blockades are becoming expensive

Zurich canton police asks climate sticker to checkout!

Climate activists have been stuck on the streets of Zurich three times in the past few weeks. This has consequences: The activists should pay the deployment costs.


The climate activists stuck to the streets of Zurich three times.

The roadblocks that have been carried out in Zurich, among other places, in recent weeks can cost climate activists dearly. According to the government council, the cantonal police in Zurich want to charge them for the costs of the operation.

The cantonal police will demand reimbursement from those who caused the road blockades, as the cantonal government wrote in its recently published response to a query in the cantonal council. Cantonal councilors from the EVP, SVP and Mitte inquired about how to deal with the climate activists.

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