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Zurich city police officer loses job

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Because of the “sex bomb” e-mail

Zurich city police officer loses job

The Austrian Sarah D. * (19) received harassing messages from a police officer from the Zurich city police. Now he has lost his job.

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The Austrian Sarah D.* (19) was molested by a police officer from the Zurich city police.

In need, the Austrian Sarah D. (19) contacted the Zurich city police. Afterwards, she receives harassing messages from an officer. After the young woman published the sexist messages she had received from the police officer on TikTok, there was great outrage online. The city police officer had described the young woman as a “sex bomb”.

As the “NZZ” reports, the policeman has now lost his job. As Judith Hödl, spokeswoman for the Zurich city police, reported when asked by the newspaper that he had decided to leave the city police. The media spokeswoman leaves open whether he took the initiative for the decision himself or whether the pressure on the officials was too great. (dzc)

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