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Zurich police use rubber shot against St. Gallen fans

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Riots after defeat against FCZ

Zurich police use rubber shot against St. Gallen fans

Petards, hand torches, stones and glass bottles flew towards the Zurich police. The fans of FC St. Gallen cause problems after the defeat against Zurich.

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FC St. Gallen fans did not make a good impression during the guest appearance in Zurich.

Huge frustration among FC St. Gallen fans! The Espen lost the Sunday evening game against FC Zurich 0:1 despite a long majority. After the game, the eastern Swiss let their frustration out – to the chagrin of the police. First they spray all sorts of things on their way from the Letzigrund stadium to the Altstetten train station. After that, there were riots when the extra train was waiting, as the cantonal police wrote in a press release.

At first, the fans get on easily. But a little later, a group decides to leave the railway carriage again. The fans threw petards, handheld flares, rocks and glass bottles at a group of city police officers. This then used rubber shot against the attackers, whereupon they withdrew to the extra train. After the emergency brake was pressed several times, the train finally drove away. None of the police officers were injured. (abbot)

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