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Zurich woman (87) wanted to kill her son with poisoned pudding

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But she doesn’t have to go to jail

Woman from Zurich wanted to kill her son with poisoned vanilla pudding

A senior had to answer before the District Court of Uster. She had tried to kill herself and her son. To do this, she mixed medication with the vanilla pudding.


An elderly woman wanted to commit augmented suicide and mixed drugs into custard for herself and her son. (icon picture)


Tanya von Arxforeign editor

She wanted to end her son’s life and her own. A senior citizen (87) had to answer for attempted manslaughter before the Uster District Court. This is reported by the “Tagesanzeiger”.

According to the indictment, the lady brought her disabled son (54) home from the home in January last year. There she mixed 26 tablets of a hypnotic into the vanilla pudding and gave him some to eat. She herself took a few spoonfuls. Suddenly doubting the effectiveness of the pills, she mixed more medication into the pudding.

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