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Cold start into the weekend

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Coldest night of winter at individual weather stations

Ice-cold awakening in Switzerland: The coldest night of this winter was measured at certain weather stations along the foothills of the Alps, for example in Thun BE, where the thermometer dropped to -17 degrees.

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In the picture: Winter mood on Lake Geneva. On Friday morning it was freezing cold in many places. (archive image)

However, one is still a long way from cold records, said MeteoSwiss on request. The value in Thun is the third lowest since the very short data series from 1971.

Switzerland’s all-time cold record was -42 degrees on January 12, 1987 in La Brévine NE. This night, as a place known in the “Siberia of Switzerland”, it was only -23 degrees cold, the weather service said.

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