Saturday, April 1, 2023

«Colour Samples» by Franz Gertsch

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On Friday, curator Anne Wesle presented “Color Samples,” the final exhibition she put together with the recently deceased artist Franz Gertsch.

If you stand at a greater distance in front of the works, some of them look like excerpts from photographs: the color sample for Gertsch’s “Natascha IV” (1987-1988), for example, on which only a tuft of hair can be seen. Or the pattern for «Dominique» (1988), which only shows one eye with eyelashes as precise as the real thing.

The closer one gets to the picture, the more unrecognizable the clear forms become and the dots and longer furrows that Franz Gertsch cut into the wood panel before the printing process come to the fore instead. A razor-sharp image can suddenly only be recognized as an abstract structure.

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