Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Councils at odds on OECD minimum tax

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Council of States against higher federal share of OECD minimum tax

The councils continue to disagree on the distribution of the expected additional revenue from the OECD minimum tax for internationally active corporations. The Council of States insists on a federal share of one quarter. The National Council wants twice as much.

The small chamber made its decision on Monday by 31 votes to 11 with one abstention. As early as September, she spoke out for the first time in favor of giving 75 percent of the income to the cantons where the companies concerned are located and only 25 percent to the federal government.

The proponents of this solution argued in particular that the new minimum tax would put Switzerland at a disadvantage in international location competition. The cantons need funds to increase the attractiveness of the location. In addition, it is a broadly supported compromise between the federal government, cantons and municipalities. All cantons benefited indirectly from this via the financial equalization system. The Federal Council also shared this position.

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