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Digitec Galaxus continues to grow strongly

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Digitec Galaxus breaks sales record again

The online retailer Digitec Galaxus grew by 8.7 percent compared to the previous year and posted sales of 2.43 billion. The company has once again achieved the highest annual turnover in its history.

Last year, a good 3.3 million people shopped at the online retailer. (archive image)

The Migros subsidiary justifies the growth, among other things, with the expansion of the range. In Germany, for example, the range of goods has more than doubled to 1.7 million products, according to a statement on Friday. According to the information, the range in Switzerland includes almost 5 million items.

However, the Migros subsidiary generates most of its sales with only a small part of the range. Last year, Digitec Galaxus published an evaluation that showed that the company generates 80 percent of its revenue with 4 percent of its items. For example, iPhones, diapers or ink cartridges are popular, while other items are not considered at all.

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