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Energy transition benefits the construction and energy sectors

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According to the Federal Council report

Energy transition benefits the construction and energy sectors

The construction and energy industries benefit from the promotion of renewable energies and improvements in energy efficiency. The Federal Council writes this in a report. However, the energy transition has a rather small impact on employment as a whole.

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According to a report by the Federal Council, many workers are required to install solar panels. (theme image)

In the report adopted on Wednesday, the Federal Council came to the conclusion that the economy will remain on course for growth despite the focus of energy and climate policy on “net zero” emissions. The construction and energy sectors benefited the most. The expansion of photovoltaics requires a large workforce.

The situation is different in greenhouse gas and energy-intensive economic sectors. According to the report, employment there is below the “business as usual” comparison scenario. If one sticks to this scenario, however, the “net zero” target cannot be achieved by 2050.

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