Friday, March 31, 2023

GLP President Grossen wants to join the Council of States

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Elections 2023

National Council and GLP President Grossen wants to switch to the Council of States

The party president of the Green Liberals in Switzerland, Jürg Grossen, wants to run for the Council of States in the national elections in autumn 2023. This was announced by the Bern cantonal party of the 53-year-old National Council on Friday.

GLP party president Jürg Grossen wants to switch from the National Council to the Council of States. (archive image)

The management of the Green Liberals in the Canton of Bern unanimously nominated Grossen for the attention of the General Assembly as a candidate for the Council of States, it said in a statement. The party assembly decides on February 2nd in Bümpliz.

Grossen is an experienced national councilor with a broad network in federal Bern, his party said. As an entrepreneur and energy politician, he can make important contributions to the great challenges of our time. Grossen is “a strong voice” for business and trade.

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