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Handlebar reduces accident and mounts license plates

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Now the police are looking for witnesses

Handlebar builds accident, cuts down and mounts number plates

A self-accident involving a delivery van occurred in Buus BL on Sunday morning. When the police entered the scene of the accident, the driver was gone. He also took his vehicle’s license plate number with him. Now the police are looking for witnesses.

Published: 18 minutes ago


When the police patrol arrived, there was no longer a driver on site. The van’s number plates were also missing.

On Sunday morning, shortly after 5 a.m., an accident involving a delivery van occurred on Rickenbacherstrasse in Buus BL.

According to the findings of the Basel-Landschaft police so far, the driver of a Mercedes Sprinter delivery van was coming from Rickenbach on Rickenbacherstrasse in the direction of Buus. Before entering Buu, he lost control of the vehicle in a left-hand bend, drove down the right-hand side of the road and came to a standstill on the grassland.

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