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It gets so stormy and wet on Christmas Eve

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Attention, dear Christkind!

It gets so stormy and wet on Christmas Eve

Instead of snow, on Christmas Eve there is terrible weather with heavy gusts of wind. It is better to attach the Christmas tree decorations well.


Nothing with a white Christmas: It’s going to be stormy and wet.


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Something is brewing: Shortly before Christmas Eve it gets uncomfortable. A real bad weather is announced. Instead of a white Christmas, a really bad weather is announced. A look at the weather map shows: It will be windy and wet.

In the lowlands, gusts of up to 70 km/h are possible, says Klaus Marquardt from Meteo News. In some places even 80 km/h can be expected. “Christmas tree decorations and Christmas decorations that are placed outside should be well fixed,” the meteorologist told Blick. It gets even worse in the mountains. For example on the Säntis. Wind speeds of over 120 km/h are possible here.

This could become a problem, especially for winter sports enthusiasts. Marquardt estimates that the operation of the mountain railways could be stopped sporadically. Bad prospects for the holidays.

At least free roads during the day

While the gusts sweep across Switzerland, dark clouds gather – and bring lots of rain. It will be particularly violent in western Switzerland and on the northern slopes of the Alps. “It will rain all day on Friday,” says weather expert Marquardt. In the lowlands, 20 to 40 milliliters come down on Friday and Saturday.

At least it’s not cold. Up to 14 degrees are possible over Christmas. That also means: no black ice. So if you want to visit family by car, you should get to your destination safely. The reason for this is the stable polar vortex. The cold air remains in the polar vortex due to the so-called polar jet, a strong westerly wind, and does not reach us.

Last minute gift ideas

As bad as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day may be, Boxing Day shows its beautiful side. It will remain dry and sunny. Marquardt on Blick: “Nothing stands in the way of an extended Christmas walk.”

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