Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Memes carry us through life

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“My Generation” column about “icks” and memes

Memes carry us through life

Memes – these are these funny pictures on the internet! Yes, but that doesn’t come close to doing them justice. They are far more powerful, far more inclusive. They shape an entire generation.


Noa Dibbaseycolumnist

It’s unbelievable that I’ve been writing articles about my generation for almost a year, about what moves and shapes us – and I’ve never written a column about what is probably the most influential concept of my time: about memes. The internet phenomenon par excellence.

Maybe I never wrote anything about them because they’ve been such a fundamental part of my life for so long. “Memes keep me alive.” I hear this sentence every week. Because memes carry you through life, make you smile and often act as a source of information. That the Queen has died or that Roger Federer is retiring – I first found out through memes.

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