Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Moscow: Kyiv responsible for attacks

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HANDOUT – Sergei Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia, addresses Russian journalists after their meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Photo: -/Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service/AP/dpa – ATTENTION: For editorial use only and only with full naming of the above credits

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow said on Monday evening: “On the morning of December 5, the Kiev regime tried to use Soviet-made reactive drones to attack the airfields “Dyagilevo” in the Ryazan region and “Engels” in the Saratov region in order to disable Russian long-haul aircraft to put.” Previously, Kyiv had already indicated participation.

The Russian military confirmed that three soldiers were killed and four others hospitalized with injuries. However, the long-range bombers were only slightly damaged, also thanks to the use of anti-aircraft defenses. In the afternoon, Russia launched another heavy rocket attack on Ukraine. While Kyiv then announced that the majority of the missiles had been intercepted, Moscow declared the attack a success. «The aim of the blow has been reached. All 17 named targets were hit.” The information cannot be verified independently.

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