Tuesday, February 7, 2023

National Council approves changes to LSVA

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National Council for technical reform of the heavy vehicle fee

The National Council wants to modernize the system for collecting the performance-related heavy vehicle fee (LSVA). On Tuesday, he agreed to a corresponding proposal and approved a commitment loan of over half a billion francs.

The National Council approves a new system for levying the performance-related heavy vehicle fee (LSVA), thereby following the Federal Council. (archive image)

The background is that the previous collection system will reach its technical end in 2024 and will have to be renewed, as Commission spokesman Marco Romano (middle / TI) explained. Since its introduction in 2001, the LSVA has been collected using a recording device from what is now the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (BAZG). This is only approved for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The system is now to be adapted to EU standards. The costs for this will total CHF 515 million over the next ten years.

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