Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Police in Japan furious over 911 call abuse

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«Help, my faucet is broken»

Police in Japan furious over 911 call abuse

1.9 million calls were made to the 110 emergency number in Japan last year. According to the police, around 20 percent of all phone calls were not about an emergency. On the “Day of Number 110”, the police mention two particularly curious cases.


The police in Japan are angry. The emergency call is too often misused.

On “Number 110 Day”, the Japanese police are calling on the population to correctly use the police emergency number of the same name. It happens again and again that people dial this number even though there is no urgent need for it, the Japanese television broadcaster NHK reported on Monday.

In order to raise awareness of the proper use of the emergency number, the 10.1. declared as “Day of the Number 110”.

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