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Search of Biden’s house

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More classified documents found

House search of US President Biden

In the search for government documents, more secret documents were found in the private rooms of US President Joe Biden.

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The driveway to President Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware: The US Department of Justice searched Biden’s home and found six classified documents.

The US Department of Justice found six more secret documents during a search of US President Joe Biden’s (80) home in the state of Delaware. “The Justice Department has seized materials it believes fall within the scope of its investigation, including six documents marked as confidential,” Biden’s attorney, Bob Bauer, said Saturday. The Justice Department found the documents during a search of Biden’s home on Friday as part of its special investigation into the case.

It had previously become known that around a dozen confidential government documents from his time as Vice President under Barack Obama were found in an office formerly used by Biden. Other classified documents were subsequently discovered in Biden’s garage and at his home in Delaware. The US Department of Justice then appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the case.

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