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Solar obligation for all new buildings

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National Council Commission calls for solar obligation for all new buildings

The responsible National Council Commission wants to make progress with the expansion of renewable energies. It calls for a solar obligation for all new buildings. Larger existing buildings – with the exception of residential buildings – will have to be equipped with solar panels in the medium term.

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Solar panels on the roof of a house in Rotkreuz. The Energy Commission of the National Council calls for a solar obligation for new buildings. (archive image)

This was decided by the National Council’s Commission for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy (Urek-N) as part of the deliberations on the so-called energy mantle decree, as the parliamentary services announced on Thursday. The National Council is expected to discuss the bill in the spring session as a second chamber.

The Council of States hammered in the first pegs last autumn, but subsequently received criticism from environmental groups in particular. Unlike the small chamber, the National Council Commission wants to achieve a “compromise between the interests of use and protection”. For example, systems for the use of renewable energies in biotopes of national importance as well as in water and migratory bird reserves should remain excluded.

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