Monday, December 5, 2022

Tui Suisse optimistic for winter

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Tui Suisse sees itself on course for growth for winter 2022/23

Despite the uncertain framework conditions, the travel provider Tui Suisse is confident about the 2022/23 winter season. The company has recorded a “significant increase” in incoming bookings for the current winter since autumn.

The travel agency Tui Suisse is optimistic about the winter season. (icon picture)

Customers’ willingness to pay for their winter holidays has also increased, according to a statement on Friday. In particular, the demand for long-distance travel is returning with the abolition of entry requirements for numerous destinations. According to information, every second trip booked with Tui Suisse is abroad, and the trend is rising.

The pent-up demand in Thailand is particularly large. Every fifth long-haul customer books this holiday destination. But the Maldives, the Dominican Republic, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico are also among the top winter destinations for Tui Suisse, according to the press release.

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