Thursday, December 1, 2022

“TV chef Joel Kraaz is back on a rip-off tour”

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Reto Bauert (59) wants to put a stop to Joel Kraaz. He says: “It annoys me that nobody has stopped him from cheating on hosts like me for years.”

Beat Michel (lyrics) and Philippe Rossier (photos)

Former TV chef Joel Kraaz (34) obviously needed money urgently again. So urgent that he falls back into his old pattern: collect wages in advance and do nothing in return. The current staff shortage makes it easy for him. Cooks with free capacities are rare, landlords despair. They are also more willing to make an advance payment. But this is exactly what Reto Bauert (59), who has been the host of the Braui restaurant in Pfäffikon ZH for 22 years, is now warning of. Despite his many years of experience, he too fell for a particularly brazen action by Joel Kraaz!

Dry job market

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