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“Wet Sand” receives the Zurich Film Prize 2022

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Zurich Film Awards for “Wet Sand”, “Girl Gang” and “Hate the Authorities”

The feature film “Wet Sand”, the documentary “Girl Gang” and the short film “Behördenhater” – these are the three films that will each be awarded a Zurich Film Prize in 2022, as the Zurich Film Foundation announced on Monday.

The queer drama “Wet Sand” addresses the rifts in a closed society. The director Elene Naveriani has now been awarded the Zurich Film Prize 2022 for this. (movie still)

In addition, there are awards for outstanding achievements in each of the three categories. Those responsible want to make it clear that every film is a collaboration between many participants. The Zurich Film Prize is endowed with a total of CHF 100,000.

With her feature film “Wet Sand”, the Georgian-Swiss director Elene Naveriani takes her viewers to a Georgian village. There, in this closed community that stands behind the reactionary orthodox church, it only becomes public at a funeral that the deceased had a love affair with another man. The film award jury justified its decision by saying that the film was touching, enriching and complex.

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