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Will El Niño bring us the heat hammer in summer?

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Will El Niño bring us the heat hammer in summer?

Rising temperatures due to the weather phenomenon El Niño: The World Weather Organization (WMO) warns of this. The Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology explains what threatens us in summer.


The signs of El Niño are increasing. Are we now threatened by the hammer heat in summer?


Is Switzerland threatened with a heat hell in summer in the coming years? The World Weather Organization (WMO) warns of rising temperatures in the coming years. The reason: a weather phenomenon that bears the name El Niño. This means a warm phase over the Pacific. It occurs about every two to ten years.

The climate expert Kevin Trenberth from the University of Auckland expects global temperature records in 2024 – because El Niño releases part of the ocean heat into the atmosphere.

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