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A bare «Füdli» does not make a kebab

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Gigi without inhibitions

A bare «Füdli» does not make a kebab

He promised sex in the jungle camp and what a real Gigi is, he also delivers. In negotiation for a kebab, the jungle gigolo shows the cheeks that the Australian sun has not yet tanned.

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After Tessa Bergmeier freaked out on the eighth day of the jungle camp and yelled at Cecilia Asoro, …

On day eight, Tessa Bergmeier (33) really freaked out after criticism from her camp colleague Cecilia Asoro (26). The model yelled at Asoro so much that she still couldn’t deal with the situation the next day.

But hardly anything raises the spirits as much as the duo Gigi Birofio (23) and Cosimo Citiolo (41). The two “Brudas” grab Cecilia, march to the jungle telephone and submit an idea to the “IBES” director, “that has definitely never happened in this room before”.

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