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After jungle-off came the marriage proposal

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Presenter Verena Kerth and pop singer Marc Terenzi

After jungle-off came the marriage proposal

He had planned it for a long time, she hoped. Now pop singer and stripper Marc Terenzi and radio presenter Verena Kerth are engaged. A love and a kneel like from the script.

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Marc Terenzi proposed to Verena Kerth, who was still in the jungle outfit. She accepted.

“Crazy!” Was the first word that radio presenter Verena Kerth (41) said when she was the first of twelve jungle camp participants to be voted out by the RTL audience on Friday. Her plan was actually to win the crown and then marry her lover, pop singer Marc Terenzi (44), which she only wanted to do on the premise. But everything turned out differently. Despite having mastered the “strangler burger” disgust test, where she had to choke down mini cockroach buns, she was thrown out. That pissed her off. She was too fake for many viewers, and her bitching was annoying, accompanied by good mood rays.

But the Munich native didn’t expect what followed, as she says. While still in the jungle outfit, she did not go to the luxurious Palazzo Versace as usual, but to the Australian Gold Coast. Terenzi was waiting for his loved one, before whom he got on his knees in front of the cameras: “I love you so much, I missed you so much. We have known each other for 20 years. I don’t want to miss you again, so I want to ask you to marry me.”

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