Tuesday, February 7, 2023

“Ancient Apocalypse”

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The worst «Doc» on Netflix

“Ancient Apocalypse”

Unfortunately Popular: How Pseudoscientific, Demonstrably False Bullshit Made it on Netflix.


Journalist Graham Hancock travels the world looking for evidence of a non-existent mystical Ice Age civilization.


Silvia ChuiSociety Editor

Who doesn’t want to be enlightened about mysteries of the past? Curiosity and the gratification of curiosity are primal human traits. This is probably also the reason why so many conspiracy theories find willing disciples. And the reason why the pseudo-documentary “Ancient Apocalypse” is currently so popular on Netflix. Until a few days ago, it was still number 3 of the most streamed series in Switzerland.

Only briefly the main thesis: A highly developed civilization during the last ice age went down because of asteroid impacts, scattered survivors would have spread their knowledge all over the world – and would warn of new asteroid impacts. So far, so scientifically untenable nonsense – there is no solid evidence of an “ice age civilization”.

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