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Anja Leuenberger talks about pressure in the modeling industry

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Anja Leuenberger talks about pressure in the modeling industry

“I was told I was fat”

Anja Leuenberger is self-confident and secure in a new interview with Urs Gredig. But it was a long road to get there.


Anja Leuenberger is one of the most famous models in Switzerland.

Anja Leuenberger (30) is one of the most successful models in Switzerland. But working in this industry also has many downsides. At “Gredig direct”, the Aargauerin talks about experiences that she made as a 14-year-old. “I was told I was too fat,” she says.

The whole thing happened when she was a teenager in Milan as a model. She applied to six agencies for a place in the file. “In each I was told it was difficult with me and my pants. I might have to carry others.” This was a strange experience for her: in her home country she was constantly told that she was anorexic. “I’m thin, I’m unhealthy. And suddenly there was talk of love handles sticking out of my pants.” She then contacted her event manager in tears and he advised her to return immediately. You got an agency in Milan, “but the few times I ran there, I was always criticized a lot.” Today she has a little dislike for the Italian fashion capital.

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