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Anja Zeidler gives away her street dog Mičo

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Because their cats were scared

Anja Zeidler gives away her street dog

Since he keeps causing problems and because of her cats, influencer Anja Zeidler gives away her beloved street dog Mičo from Bosnia.


Anja Zeidler with her street dog Mičo. The influencer had to part with the English Setter because it was becoming an ever greater burden for her family.

In March, influencer Anja Zeidler (29) rescued street dog Mičo, now she has had to part with the dog. The stress caused by the animal has become too great, especially for her cats, Zeidler writes on Instagram: “As you know, there have been a few incidents in the past, and despite all the love, it wasn’t easy with him,” Zeidler reveals to her statements. “Surrendering was never an issue for us. We tried everything and visited dog schools and dog coaches with him: But unfortunately something hasn’t improved: living with the cats, »writes Zeidler. Her cats had stopped coming home because of him, had stopped eating and the animals outside had always kept their distance because of him. But Mičo doesn’t want to blame her, stresses Zeidler. “It’s his natural instinct to chase, especially what’s running away from him. He is a street dog and a hunting dog!»

The dog bit daughter Jela

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