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Artistic gymnastics Tiktokerin earns millions

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She already needs security for abusive fans

Artistic gymnastics Tiktokerin earns millions

When the 20-year-old gymnast Olivia Dunne performs, all dams break – however, the status as a Tiktok phenomenon causes her great concern, as the influencer revealed in an interview with the “Today Show”.

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20-year-old Olivia Dunne is a social media phenomenon.


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Olivia Dunne (20) is a high-flyer – albeit less in the sporting sense than in the media sense. The young American wanted to take part in the Olympics as a gymnast as a child, but the ambitious athlete had to bury her dream early due to injuries. She now competes at a high level at Louisiana State University and draws screaming crowds of fans everywhere she goes – male and female. The reason: Dunne has been regularly posting videos on Tiktok since the beginning of the pandemic. In the meantime, an almost bizarre hype about the American has arisen among the almost 7 million followers. Police and security must be involved for sports events at which she appears.

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Best example: A competition at the beginning of the year. After all eyes were only on the young athlete during the event, there were ugly scenes in front of the stadium gates – apparently fans of the social media star tried to harass them and other women. Security forces and law enforcement officers had to be called in. On her own platforms, Dunne thanked her for the love and support she received – but also warned to “be respectful of the other gymnasts and the gymnastics community as we are just doing our job”. Meanwhile, individual fans are said to have started threatening them – she recently said in an interview on the “Today Show”.

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