Monday, February 6, 2023

Ballermann star Melanie Müller (34) suffers a stroke

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After a fight with her ex

Ballermann star Melanie Müller (34) suffers a stroke

Ballermann star Melanie Müller reveals that she has suffered a stroke. That at the age of only 34 years. A shock for the mother of two children.


Shock for Melanie Müller: She suffered a stroke.

According to “Bild” information, Melanie Müller (34) was tied to the bed for days and was treated in the hospital. Now she makes it public: The mother of two children suffered a stroke.

After that, the right side of her face was slightly paralyzed. Since then she has had tinnitus in her right ear. She reveals: “I didn’t make it public because I didn’t want a shit storm, because I got up again after a week and said I’m not doing a cure, I’m doing my job.”

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