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Camilla went out to eat with Meghan’s nemesis

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Is she attacking the Duchess?

Camilla went out to eat with Meghan’s nemesis

King consort Camilla attended a Christmas dinner last week. Spicy: Duchess Meghan’s biggest critics were also there.


King’s wife Camilla has probably not made herself popular with this action.

Duchess Meghan (41) should not like that at all. Her step-mother-in-law, royal consort Camilla, 75, attended a Christmas dinner with Meghan’s nemesis last week. King Charles III’s wife (74) was invited to a dinner by entrepreneur Ewan Venters at the Murano restaurant in London’s Mayfair. Also there were the two TV presenters Piers Morgan (57) and Jeremy Clarkson (62). The two keep rushing against Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry (38).

Morgan describes the meal with the king consort as “fun and delicious”. Most recently, he shot the royal couple because of the new Netflix documentary. He tweeted: “This is worse than the Kardashians! Something I didn’t think was possible.” He continued: “Prince Harry publicly belittles his brother William, calls his father King Charles a liar and attacks his grandmother, the late Queen, for doing nothing. This is such a grotesque and disgusting betrayal of his family.”

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