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Caro Robens’ cosmetic surgery ended in a lot of pain

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Husband of the TV emigrant worried

Caro Robens’ cosmetic surgery ended in a lot of pain

In the last episode of “Goodbye Germany”, Caro Robens takes a team to optimize her bottom. This is the second attempt. It doesn’t end quite as planned.


Caro Robens has already had butt surgery. But because this led to pain, she went under the knife again. After the operation she could not stand, sit or walk. Husband Andreas Robens supported his loved one during this time.

Actually, Caro Robens has already had a butt enlargement. But because she had complaints afterwards, the German TV emigrant had to go under the knife again. This operation also had it all.

“I can’t stand, I can’t sit, I can’t do anything yet – nothing works,” complained Caro Robens (44) shortly after the operation. She had this accompanied by a camera team from “Goodbye Germany”. Her husband Andreas Robens (56), who was already worried during the operation, was also there.

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