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Chanelle Wyrsch settles accounts with dating apps

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Ex-Bachelorette experienced Tinder horror

Chanelle Wyrsch settles accounts with dating apps

Chanelle Wyrsch was looking for love on dating apps – but was always disappointed. Now she tells what bothers her the most on the platforms.

Published: 24 minutes ago


Chanelle Wyrsch also looked for love on dating apps.


Remo BernetEditor People

She’s fed up with online dating! Chanelle Wyrsch (26) has been single since separating from “Bachelorette” winner Mike Rothlin (29) in the summer of 2020 and has also been looking for happiness online. Her conclusion: “It’s all very superficial. People only look at the optical – and I don’t think that’s okay.”

The pop singer who lives in Cologne says: “Even as a bachelorette I noticed that it doesn’t always fit best with the man who would be optically my type.” If the character traits are right, it could be the “perfect match”.

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