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Chanelle Wyrsch settles accounts with the date in front of the camera

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“It was just a disaster”

Chanelle Wyrsch settles accounts with the date in front of the camera

In the first episode of «Swipe, Match, Love?», Chanelle Wyrsch realized that profile pictures on dating apps can sometimes be deceiving. determine. She pranks extensively after the date.


Chanelle Wyrsch has to do “Swipe, Match, Love?” have as many dates as possible.


Remo BernetEditor People

That’s not how she imagined her comeback: In the RTL + program “Swipe, Match, Love?” Chanelle Wyrsch (26) is already annoyed at the first meeting. Because her date looks completely different than expected. She herself hoped for a well-trained guy based on the Tinder pictures. But the man who was waiting for her was obviously not what the woman from Zug expected. “It was just a disaster,” says the ex-Bachelorette after just a few minutes.

Nevertheless, she does not want to break off the date, because the format is about having as many rendez-vous as possible through flirt apps in the shortest possible time. A few minutes later, while her non-German-speaking date was sitting at the table, she said: “I’m smiling now, but I feel totally uncomfortable.” Because her date is absolutely not her type. “Fortunately, I have the glass here,” she says, reaching for the Aperol.

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