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Cheating allegations against Alan Wey

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“Bachelor” Francesca unpacks

Cheating allegations against Alan Wey

Francesca Morgese makes a clean sweep two years after separating from ex-bachelor Alan Wey: he is said to have cheated on her several times.


After their separation, Francesca Morgese and Alan Wey smiled together from the Zurich woman’s bed.


Remo BernetEditor People

Their relationship apparently ended very harmoniously: Alan Wey (34) and season winner Francesca Morgese (22) explained two years ago in an Instagram video shot on the Zurich woman’s bed that they went their separate ways. However, both emphasized: “We remain colleagues.” Now, about two years later, that seems to have been forgotten. On Tiktok, in a post that has since been deleted, she made it public that the bachelor had cheated. “He cheated on me, and that’s why I broke up,” she tells her followers.

When asked by Blick, Morgese repeated these allegations. “In the beginning, I got screenshots every other day that Alan was writing to other women,” says the “Bachelor” winner. “I had the feeling at the time that people just wanted to tear us apart.”

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