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Claudia Effenberg and Verena Kerth share

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Claudia Effenberg and Verena Kerth hand out against candidates

Blasphemer alarm in the jungle camp

Claudia Effenberg and Verena Kerth are in a mood of blasphemy in the jungle camp on Monday. The two shoot sharply against their fellow campers – behind their backs.

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Verena Kerth and Claudia Effenberg blasphemed a lot on Monday evening.

Day four in the jungle camp, and the claws are already being extended. Claudia Effenberg (57) and Verena Kerth (41) are annoyed by the chaos in the camp on Monday. Things are scattered everywhere, Jolina Mennen (30) left her pack of cigarettes on the floor and there is a case of toothpaste lying around.

The wife of football legend Stefan Effenberg (54) can not believe it. She thinks it was cleaner when she was team leader. “I’m not saying anything, I don’t want to be the sergeant again. But Zuch has to go in there. Apparently they were all scared before me, »she says in an interview with Kerth.

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