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Cora Schumacher shocked her fans with a new look

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“Who is the woman?”

Cora Schumacher shocked her fans with a new look

Cora Schumacher admits that she has already had help to optimize her appearance. However, her Instagram followers are shocked by the reality TV actress’ latest look.


Cora Schumacher does not hide that she has already gone under the knife. The “Club of Good Moods” actress reveals that she had at least one breast operation and lip surgery done.

Cora Schumacher (45) loves flashy clothes and strong make-up. In addition, the ex-wife of racing driver Ralf Schumacher (47) already admitted to having optimized her appearance with plastic surgery. In the series “Die Schwarzwald Docs” she had breast implants replaced and the artificial tooth caps, the so-called veneers, made new. In an Instagram live steam, Cora Schumacher admitted that she also had lip injections, but that she regretted it.

Because, as she warns her community: “Think very carefully about whether and what you let tinker with you and whether it is necessary at all. Every intervention always carries a certain risk and under certain circumstances cannot be reversed.»

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