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Désirée Nick hands out violently to Helene Fischer

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“There are hundreds in the musical schools who sing better”

Désirée Nick hands out violently to Helene Fischer

In her podcast, Désirée Nick badmouths Helene Fischer. The cabaret artist criticizes her singing.


Helene Fischer has to take harsh criticism.

Helene Fischer (38) is one of the most successful singers in Germany. Before she celebrated great success as a pop singer, she completed a three-year training course to become a state-approved musical singer at the Stage & Musical School Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main. Désirée Nick (66), who is a classically trained ballet dancer and singer, nevertheless criticizes her singing sharply.

In her podcast “Lose Luder” she claims: “There are hundreds of musical schools that sing better than Helene Fischer.” For a musical singer, she is definitely mediocre. “It’s not bad, but it’s not good either,” Nick says. Ultimately, it is the overall package, how she looks, how she behaves.

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