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Diana actress had to lie dead in an open coffin

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Diana actress had to lie dead in an open coffin

“The Crown” scene shocks Brits

Scenes related to Princess Diana’s death are currently being filmed for the Netflix series “The Crown”. These shock onlookers on set. Because the actress must lie in an open coffin.


Elizabeth Debicki is currently in front of the camera for the sixth season of “The Crown” as Princess Diana.


Sarina BosshardEditor People

The Netflix series “The Crown” causes horror. The sixth season is currently being filmed. Particularly sensitive: It deals with the fatal car accident of Princess Diana (1961-1997), played by Elizabeth Debicki (32), and her funeral. Onlookers have reported shocking scenes to “The Sun” in this context. Diana is shown in an open coffin.

“They actually had Elizabeth climb into a coffin and play dead as Diana. Viewers will see a French priest administer last rites to Diana as she is pronounced dead. King Charles III (74), then still a prince, entered the room in tears. In his hysteria he noticed that Diana was missing an earring. “That’s all he can focus on as grief envelops him.”

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