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Dispute over Lisa Marie Presley’s († 54) will

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Lisa Marie Presley († 54) cannot have wanted that: she had hardly been buried when her mother Priscilla, of all people, started a will dispute. The widow of Elvis Presley (1967-1973) has asked the court to have a “fraudulent clause” in her daughter’s will invalidated. This makes granddaughter Riley Keough (33) and not her the administrator of the inheritance.

According to the New York Post, Priscilla Presley explains in her court filing that the last legal version of Lisa Marie Presley’s will was notarized on January 27, 2010. In this, the deceased had appointed her mother and her then business manager Barry Siegel as trustees of her inheritance.

But after her death, Priscilla Presley found out that in 2016 the will was updated. In this, she and Siegel are replaced by granddaughter Riley and grandson Benjamin Keough as co-custodians of the inheritance. In the case of Siegel, that makes sense: Lisa Marie Presley had accused him of embezzling her wealth and banned him from her life.

Since Benjamin committed suicide in 2020, Riley is now her mother’s sole trustee.

Grandma doesn’t want to accept that. According to court documents, she believes the will was forged because her name was misspelled in the document. Lisa Marie’s signature would also be “different from her normal signature.” What Priscilla Presley finds particularly serious: She was never informed of the change by her daughter.

However, Priscilla Presley does not want to contest the rest of the will. Among other things, the Graceland estate will be owned by the three surviving daughters, Riley Keough (33) and the twins Harper (14) and Finley (14) Lockwood. (cth)

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