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Emanuel Brunner gives up his abstinence for trash TV

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Emanuel Brunner gives up his abstinence for “Reality Shore”.

“I always had a glass in my hand”

He became known as a naturist in the first season of «Bachelorette». Now Emanuel Brunner is mixing up the scandal show “Reality Shore”. For this he even throws his principles overboard.


After the first, Emanuel Brunner is also in the second season of “Reality Shore”.


Michael ImhofDesk Manager People

They drink like there’s no tomorrow, party non-stop and keep getting closer: the protagonists of the scandal show “Reality Shore” know what ecstasy means. A tough fitness program cannot be reconciled with this lifestyle. Show participant Emanuel Brunner (31) from the canton of Zurich also had to recognize this. The former “Bachelorette” candidate, who enters the villa in the third episode released today, had to overturn his strict diet for the show.

“Actually, I don’t drink any alcohol at all, if only for a glass on New Year’s Eve,” said Brunner in an interview with Blick. ‘But in this house it was no different. Everyone starts with their first drink shortly before noon and is totally drunk in the evening. It’s all about alcohol. Not drinking is not an option.”

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