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Everyone is alone

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Faber (Jörg Hartmann) is on sick leave and mourns the loss of his colleague Martina Bönisch (Anna Schudt). Rosa Herzog (Stefanie Reinsperger) finds him at the dam wall of a water reservoir. She has a case that concerns Faber.


Silvia ChuiSociety Editor

To be honest, I don’t like Commissioner Faber. And every time a Dortmund “crime scene” is pending, I think in advance: No, not again. Not that unfriendly attitude again, that suffering worn like a prickly armor, that unkempt beard and that threadbare parka that looks like Faber smells like he hasn’t showered in at least three months. Which could also correspond to the facts in the current case. Because Faber is suffering, actually as always, but now even more than usual, he had just gotten involved in a relationship with colleague Martina Bönisch, who died in front of his eyes on duty in the last episode.

So Faber is outside, living in his car and generally not able to work. Nevertheless, they need him: They have a case without a body – and a real estate shark who has disappeared without a trace. He is known for kicking out long-term tenants, renovating the apartments to luxury standards in order to then be able to rent them out at a much higher price. And Faber’s father lives in one of these houses.

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