Saturday, November 26, 2022

Ex-girlfriend Kate Moss is set to testify for Johnny Depp

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Will a rumor determine whether Amber Heard, 36, or Johnny Depp, 58, will emerge victorious from the defamation trial? The actress claimed in her statement that her ex-husband was already violent against other women. Depp is said to have pushed his former partner, the top model Kate Moss (48), down the stairs during an argument. Depp and Moss were a couple from 1994 to 1998.

Amber Heard testified in court that she too physically assaulted Johnny Depp, but only to protect her sister Whitney. Because she was afraid that the same thing would happen to Whitney as Moss. Accordingly, in 2015 there was a dispute between her, Whitney and Depp, which led to fisticuffs. The actress admits: ‘Whitney had his back to the stairs and Johnny swung to meet her. I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t wait – in my head I immediately thought of Kate Moss and the stairs – then I punched him.”

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