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Francine Jordi becomes a cookbook author

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She has been the most successful pop singer in Switzerland for many years, but also regularly inspires an audience of millions as a presenter. On top of that. Francine Jordi (45) now also wants to ensure a good mood in the kitchen.

The native of Bern will publish her first cookbook in March. “I’m a passionate cook,” she says, “but unfortunately not a very patient one.” When she cooks for friends, she doesn’t want to stand in the kitchen for hours, but rather spend a cozy evening with them. “That’s why I usually have dishes that are as quick as possible and still taste super fine.”

In the book “Fast and traditional. My favorite family recipes», Jordi describes, for example, how she prepares a juice patty with grandmother’s carrots or why she likes to serve chicken thighs with cabbage gratin and why she should probably drink a glass of Dôle with it. But she also explains what she means by a “fine Fotzelschnitte” or a “Stünggu cake as a dessert for old and young”.

“Many of these recipes were left to me in a secret book by my grandmother, who unfortunately passed away,” says Jordi. “Others I took over from my mom. So they’re generational.” But then there are also many own creations. “It is important to me that the dishes are all natural and rather rural. And that they can be cooked relatively easily.»

The book, which Francine Jordi put together with her mother Margrit Lehmann (76), will be published throughout the German-speaking area in April. At the same time, the singer will also release a CD with new songs. “It’s going to be a great spring,” she says happily.

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