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Hans Magnus Enzensberger combined poetry and politics

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Obituary for Hans Magnus Enzensberger

A philanthropist is gone

He loved nursery rhymes, math textbooks and adult encyclopedias: the German scribe and great philanthropist Hans Magnus Enzensberger died on Friday at the age of 93. memories of an encounter.


Always smiling: Hans Magnus Enzensberger was a philanthropist.


Daniel ArnetEditor of Sunday Blick magazine

Hans Magnus Enzensberger († 93) was a different kind of intellectual: frowning and looking snooty was not his style; There was always a gentle smile playing around his lips – like when he received me in October 2001 for an interview in Munich (D).

“I think it’s downright rude to bother others with your worries, depression and bad moods,” he told me at the time. It is part of the occupational disease of many artists to be offended and to whine. He much preferred making people happy with his countless books – as a poet, editor and translator.

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