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“Happiness comes with hard work”

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Leading actress Dominique Devenport on the set of «Davos».

With a budget of over 15 million, “Davos” is the biggest and most expensive SRF series of all time. Filming is currently underway in the canton of Graubünden, last week in the former sanatorium on the Schatzalp. Dominique Devenport (26), who was born in Lucerne, plays the main role of the nurse Johanna Gabathuler, who gets caught between the fronts of spies working in Davos during the First World War. Over Christmas she shone for the second time in the RTL series “Sisi” as the Austrian empress.

Ms. Devenport, why are you on such a streak right now?
Dominique Devenport: You should probably ask my karma (laughs). In acting, work and happiness go together. I also know this from colleagues who have been in the business for a long time. Suddenly everything comes at once, there is no regularity or balance. But the next lull will surely follow. Arches are normal in our industry.

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