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Harry needed the Queen’s permission to marry Meghan

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Her answer still irritates him to this day

Harry needed the Queen’s permission to marry Meghan

Prince Harry had to ask Queen Elizabeth II if he could propose to Meghan. The answer left him speechless.

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Prince Harry needed consent to get married.

If a member of the British royal family wants to marry, it must first be approved – and from the very top. So also with Prince Harry (38), when he wanted to ask for Duchess Meghan’s hand. In his book “Spare” (in German: “Reserve”) he tells of the moment when he asked Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) for her permission.

Harry wasn’t thrilled at all when his advisors pointed out this rule to him. The prince was annoyed by this and thought it “makes no sense”. He is grown up. Accordingly, he found it difficult to have this conversation with his grandmother. He was very nervous and was waiting for the right time. Because he knew that a “no” from her would complicate the relationship with Meghan. After a photo shoot, he plucked up courage and spoke to the Queen. “I was told I had to ask your permission before I could apply,” he said in a tone that suggested what he thought.

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