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Harry wants the Royal Family to apologize to Meghan

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Demand in a new interview

Harry wants the Royal Family to apologize to Meghan

Prince Harry reveals various piquant things about the British royal court in his memoirs. In an interview, he now demands that the royal family apologize to his wife Meghan. However, the background remains unclear.


Harry demands an apology from the British royal family to Meghan in a new interview.

The whole world is talking about the memoirs “Reserve” (original title: “Spare”) that Prince Harry (38) published last Tuesday. In it he reveals numerous spicy stories, including a dispute with his brother, Prince William (40). He also accuses his family of collaborating with the British press to put other family members in a bad light. In a newly published interview, he now demands an apology from the royal family to Duchess Meghan (41).

“Because you know what you did and now I know why you did it. And you got caught, so just wipe the slate clean and then we can all move on,” he told the Daily Telegraph. He also said that if he had been listened to when he sounded the alarm, it would never have gotten this far. “That’s the saddest thing – it was all so avoidable. But they just couldn’t help themselves.”

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