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He celebrates his 92nd birthday in a wheelchair

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The great illustrator Ted Scapa

He celebrates his 92nd birthday in a wheelchair

He inspired generations as the presenter of the children’s program “Spielhaus” on Swiss television. As a contemporary artist, he has made a name for himself far beyond the country’s borders. Ted Scapa celebrates his birthday on January 17th.

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Illustrator Ted Scapa celebrates his 92nd birthday on January 17th.


Flavia SchlittlerDeputy Head of Department People

He has combed his thick, snow-white hair neatly back and put the silk foulard elegantly around his neck. The rogue flashes from Ted Scapa’s eyes on this gray Tuesday. Style is important to the “Spielhaus” legend of the 1960s and 1970s on Swiss television, even at the age of 92, very important, as he says. Today the Swiss man with Dutch roots is celebrating his birthday, which is sweetened with a Zug cherry cake.

His artistic trademark is still cheerful, colorful pictures. Today Scapa is in a wheelchair. “Last summer he fell ill with Corona, which took a lot out of him physically and weakened him accordingly,” says his daughter Tessa Scapa (56). Speaking is difficult for him these days, his language is the pictures, she takes over the words. She adds: “My father never lost his sense of humor and his love of colors and funny shapes, not with all the tragic strokes of fate.”

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