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Helene Fischer’s husband retires

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Thomas Seitel no longer in public

Helene Fischer’s husband retires

Helene Fischer is in the middle of rehearsals for her Arena Tour 2023. She will probably not be supported on stage by her husband, the acrobat Thomas Seitel, like last year. He has hardly been seen in public since the relationship became known.


Since the relationship between Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel became known, the two have hardly been seen together in public.

Since their relationship became known in December 2018, the couple has been quiet: Helene Fischer (38) and her partner Thomas Seitel (37) have not been in the limelight together for several years. In 2017 and 2018, Fischer put her life in the hands of the acrobat, and a new artist will appear on the next tour.

According to “Bild”, Guilhem Cauchois (32) is the new acrobat alongside Helene Fischer. However, it is not surprising that the hit queen is no longer on stage with her loved one. The singer keeps a low profile about her private life. She also only casually comments on the birth of their child Nala at the turn of the year 2021/2022 at her concerts. «To protect the family. We want to lead a normal life and not let anyone from the outside get too close to us,” Helene Fischer justified on the SRF talk show “Gredig direct”.

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